Attic Fans

There are several benefits to an attic fan. They save energy.  Attic fans can lower a home’s living area temperature by as much as 10 degrees, reducing cooling expenses by as much as 10%.  These fans also need about 10% of the power AC units need. They save wear and tear on your air conditioner.  […]

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Caring for Plastic Fixtures

There are many advantages to plastic materials. They are light in weight. They are strong and easy to produce. They are hard to break. For bathroom fixtures, it is important to note they are water resistant. Those are some of the reasons plastic is frequently used for everything from whirlpools, baths and showers to toilet […]

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Ravinia Plumbing & Heating Wins Carrier President’s Award

Ravinia Plumbing & Heating has won the 2017 President’s Award from Carrier in recognition of its commitment to quality, leadership and excellence in the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry. The President’s Award is given to Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers who demonstrate technical expertise while serving as leaders for the Carrier brand and raising the […]

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Caring for Porcelain and Fireclay Fixtures

Porcelain and fireclay fixtures can add beauty to any room in the house, be it the kitchen, the bathroom, or even the laundry room. Fireclay is particularly popular for kitchen, bathroom and laundry room sinks, while porcelain also is desirable for lavatories, toilets and bidets. Porcelain and fireclay are both forms of vitreous china.  Porcelain […]

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Preventing Sewer Line Back Ups

Last month we discussed several methods for opening and maintaining sewer lines.  They included: Rodding Jetting Video inspection Chemicals This month we discuss three more: Sewer cleanout Preventative rodding maintenance Excavations Sewer cleanout is an access point installed in a sewer system to allow access to the system for rodding maintenance. Every home should have […]

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Solutions to Aluminum Wiring Problems

Last month we discussed problems with aluminum wiring, and possible ways to detect those problems.  This month we offer solutions. Remove “push in” terminals and replace them with screw connection terminals where the wiring is looped around a screw and held in place by the head of the screw. You (or a licensed electrician) can […]

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Problems with Aluminum Wiring

Homes traditionally have been built using copper wiring.  However, in the 1960s and 1970s, as copper prices soared, homebuilders began using much less expensive aluminum wiring.  But aluminum wiring that is not properly installed can be risky.  In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission believes homes wired with aluminum wiring are 55 times more likely […]

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Caring for Cast Iron

Cast iron bathroom fixtures are great.  They are very durable…thicker, heavier and more durable than steel.  The porcelain enamel surface of cast iron tubs and other items is extremely resistant to damage.  Plus, vintage cast iron tubs are a thing of beauty…works of art really.  Given the durability and beauty of cast iron tubs, whirlpools, […]

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Maintaining Sewer Lines

We all know April showers bring May flowers.  But, if you are not careful, they can also bring flooded basements and yards caused by backed up sewer lines, causing major expense, inconvenience and perhaps even health issues. There are several methods available for opening and maintaining sewer lines (as well as drain lines in the […]

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How to Clean a Faucet

A good plumber (like us) can make sure water flows from your faucet, and we can make sure it goes down the drain without clogging or leaking. With your faucets working, you will want them to look nice.  Faucets collect grime.  Additionally, a dull faucet will appear dirty even if it is sanitized.  This also […]

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Attic Fans

June 19, 2017

There are several benefits to an attic fan.They save energy.  Attic fans can lower a home’s living area temperature by as much as 10 degrees, Read more…

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